Practica 8th of September 2017

This year every practica will have a focus on a different Orchestra. Giving us all a chance to really explore, through dance and play, their sometimes subtle and not so subtle differences. Sharing with each other our different interpretations.



Who better to begin with than El Señor del tango Carlos Di Sarli , the king of mixing melody with the classic drive of walking tango.


Author: becalelis brodskis

Until my suitcase got too heavy I was a sculptor earning a living as a traditional stonecarver . At the cross roads I began to make films - animations and live action documentaries. Their selection at international festivals such as Annecy and Sundance made filmmaking take precedence and now a different tangent beckons. Alongside I have produced for other artists and worked extensively in education. My current works come under the title "burrow" and focuses on ladders and the action of digging. It Incorporates animation, projection and performance and now is digging it's toes into interactive interfaces for audience participation. The Concepts behind Burrow inspired the idea for a collaborative Archive "Climbing Time Digging Light" which I'm inviting other thinkers, dreamers and realists to contribute to.

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