The Practica, and occasional workshops are hosted by experienced dancers who share the common aims of contributing to the Cornish Argentinian Tango scene, the joy of dancing, and a deeper understanding of Tango.

Joanna Czlonkowska

Joanna is an experienced dancer and a regular at the practica. She stepped into host the practica when Becalelis and Biljana could no longer make it a regular event. She also hosts a monday practica called La Casa Del Tang at  Tresillian Village Hall

Biljana Lipic

Biljana is one of creators of the contemporary tango scene in the UK, an internationally respected artist, teacher, mentor and director. With over 20 years of experience, she is known for her inspiring enthusiasm and passion, refreshingly unique vision, and holistic teaching style.

“Biljana’s teaching takes you on a gentle journey into the essence of tango.  She teaches you connection through technique and musicality.  Biljana is more than a teacher, she  invests herself in your growth as a dancer and you will want to go back again and again to hone technique, which is not about patterns of steps, but the freedom to improvise and find the tango in yourself.” – Sally Griffin

Becalelis Brodskis 

Becaleis Brodskis is an artist film-maker.  His obsession with tango began in Buenos Aries in 2007 where he was making a film – a place he returned many times to film and learn from leading dancers, and where he met Ruth (see below).

Ruth and Becs met in Argentina seven years ago, following a shared passion for Tango. They have been dancing together ever since. They  began to run introductory workshops at summer festivals, ShambalaPort Elliot, and Tropical Pressure.

Ruth Pethybridge

Ruth Pethybridge is a Choreographer and Researcher in Contemporary Dance, with over ten years of experience as a teacher and facilitator of dance for all ages. She worked and danced in Buenos Aries where she made a short film about Tango and Palliative Care.

Ruth and Becs work together under the name Barefoot Tango, and now at the Falmouth Tango Centre with Biljana. For more info click on the link Barefoot Practica 

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