From Di Sarli to a Miracle

THis week’s Practica will continue with Di Sarli and introduce a composer that would not easily be confused. Fransisco Canaro – In contrast to Di Sarli Canaro emphasises the beat more than the melody and for those of you beginning to learn Milonga makes a great tanda.   For those of you who find distinguishing one orchestra from another difficult, the difference between these two should not present too much of a challenge.

Last week I put up a clip of Carlitos dancing to Di Sarl. So here he is dancing to Canaro with Sofia Saborido.  If anyone has a projector bring it along to the practica and we can all take a look. DJ CLive identified the song for me as Milagro. (miracle in English)

What I love is the clear but soft interpretation of the beat ( despite wearing boots) and how he leaves space for  Sofia to put in her own interpretation.

Ahh, it makes me swoon. Here is a really bad online translation of the song. But gives you an idea of the melodramatic nature of the song. Look forward to a not so melodramatic interpretation at the practica! 

God knows my life was truncated
and i have never dreamed
So much bonanza.
Anguish of living being dead,
stalking in uncertain sky
A hope...
And when I was already resigned to my evil
came your smile like a spring sun ...
Since then my soul, rising flight,
came singing to the sky
with his most triumphant triumph.

miracle of closing my wound
with kisses
which are songs of my life
Miracle force of your eyes,
I sing in the darkness of my soul ...
miracle of your red lips,
that you brought me with your love

God knows that I lived by biting anguish
and that my soul, old and stupid,
was bleeding ...
Then, as light in the abyss,
you ignored the pessimism
that clouded me
I no longer have sorrow for God's miracle
and my life sings because in my soul is your voice.
I live with your kisses, your lap,
and I fall asleep in your arms
to the miracle of your love

Practica 8th of September 2017

This year every practica will have a focus on a different Orchestra. Giving us all a chance to really explore, through dance and play, their sometimes subtle and not so subtle differences. Sharing with each other our different interpretations.



Who better to begin with than El Señor del tango Carlos Di Sarli , the king of mixing melody with the classic drive of walking tango.